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In The Night

I often find myself turning to God in the night when my house has grown still and quiet. Sometimes I turn on Christian music or recordings of prayers such as the rosary and other times I simply lay in my bed and have a conversation with God and the Holy Mother Mary. I am more Catholic than some of my brethren and have felt a special kinship and devotion to Holy Mother Mary and often seek her intercession.

It's like talking to my earthly mother about matters of the soul, really. I pour out my thoughts and questions and trust that she can make sense of the mess and take it to Christ as only she can. If she could bring the crisis at the wedding of Cana to his attention and move his heart to action, surely she can present my panicked thoughts and prayers to him while my mind foolishly tries to find answers.

Regardless of your views on the intercession of the saints and the station of Mary and her titles, I hope that in your still quiet hours, you will reach out for the divine grace of God to comfort and cover you. Your tears are seen and your brokenness is being made beautiful. You might not see it, but rest assured that it is being seen somewhere. God will not throw you away even if the rest of the world does. You are loved and you are enough and you are worthy. Straighten your crown and dry your eyes. You are princes and princesses in the eyes of Heaven. May you see yourself through the eyes of God and be blessed with a peace that surpasses all understanding or logic.

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