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Advent begins soon!

As we begin to ponder the mystery of the immaculate conception and the birth of Christ, we are called closer to the light of God clothed in the frailty of humanity. Many of us find ourselves struggling to find the peace that the gospels present to us. First, you are not alone. I myself feel that frantic search for peace amid the hustle and chaos.

Second, you need to find the way you can hear God. For me it's choosing uplifting Christian music here and there instead of listening to anything else. And it's also making the effort to pray for someone when I feel myself turning angry or judgmental.

Third, remember that you are called to love, not perfection. Only Christ was and is perfect humanity. It is an act of holy love to take a deep breath and pray for the very people that are stirring up negative emotions and reactions in you. Your prayer will open your heart to being healed and you might be the face of Christ to that person and change their path.

My last point is that you might not see the results of your prayers right away. Don't be discouraged by this. And the results of your concious act of prayer might be that you are more aware of your own need to pray and start seeing those openings in your time.

This advent season my goal is to focus on the love that Christ brings into our world and our call to love as we are loved. Brothers and sisters, we are called to love ourselves and each other and above all to love God. May the light of His love fill your heart and soul and may you feel the shelter of His arms in your darkest hours.

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